Free Starbucks tomorrow! Line up now!

freestarbucks.jpgTomorrow morning, from 10am til noon, Starbucks will be giving away their normally priced $1.40 “tall” (aka 12 oz.) cups of joe for free!

Show up early to claim a table by the window and enjoy the show. Some of what I expect to see:

  • Cheap Beverly Hills types stand in line along side neighborhood vagrants.
  • Regulars unawares of the free coffee showing up, dropping their jaw at the crowd, and settling instead for 7-11 java.
  • Writers and students actually sharing tables during the packed craze.
  • A melee at 12:01pm after baristas announce that freebie time is up.

If you happen to swing by, let us know how it went!

…h/t Brotherhood of the Bean

6 thoughts on “Free Starbucks tomorrow! Line up now!”

  1. Free Starbucks, BAH! What I want to know about is the word that some place in downtown has some sort of mega-expensive machine (like $10,000) that supposedly makes the greatest cuppa coffee ever!

    Anyone gotta clue?

  2. The 10,000 dollar machine was in the L.A. Times food section today – it’s apparently at the downtown branch of Groundworks Coffee Co.

  3. Hooooody hoooooooooo!

    David, I literally just logged on my wi-fi at Starbuck’s (have the BEST table in town), cell phone plugged in…and I was just about to make my way to the counter for “Large Coffee”, as I call it much to their dismay. (When they say, “Veniti drip?” i tell ’em, Large Coffee, Zuma Dogg don’t speak no French, y’all.)

    Anyway, I might have to wait 1:16 minutes to save $1.80…and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, y’all. David thanks for the excellent blog post. I’ve never saved money from reading before. You have a very excellently fiscal-friendly blog. CM Parks must love it. ZD

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