Casa Bianca – For Health!


[sausage, mushroom, extra cheese, plus a coupla mozzarella fingers for good measure]

If you’re tired of hearing everyone rag on LA for having shitty pizza (and we do), pile them in your car and stuff their pie holes at Casa Bianca Pizza Pie in lovely Eagle Rock.

It’s small and there’s ALWAYS a wait to get in, but man is it ever worth it.

Pizza crust so thin it’s barely in the third dimension, perfect sauce, all baked to a crispy perfection. Homemade sausage for the toppings too.

There are even a few secrets to cutting down the wait, which is seldom less than 45 minutes on a good night – One of them is Get there right when they open. That means 4pm Tuesday through Saturday. The other secret is they take reservations for parties of six or more. The rest I’m keeping for myself –

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie
1650 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles 90041

T,W,Th 4pm – midnight
F,Sat 4pm – 1am

Cash only but they have an ATM on the premises.

20 thoughts on “Casa Bianca – For Health!”

  1. I love Casa Bianca, and yes, the wait is usually worth it for me, too. I think the pizza’s noticeably better when you eat it there. My favorite topping? The fried eggplant! Yum!!

    I picked up my order two weeks ago–I heard the guy next to me in line put in his name for a table. He only had a twenty minute wait! How can you prove your love for Casa Bianca with only a twenty minute wait?!

  2. Well I’ll add them to my list. Do they do lunch?

    A couple of others off everyones radar that does a really killer pizza.

    Zelo’s on 328 E Foothill Blvd in Arcadia with a cornmeal crust that is from another world topped with the fresher stuff I’ve seen from a farmers field. BTW..Zelo’s means “zeal” in Italian.

    The other one I really like but don’t get over to the valley anymore is Joe Peeps at:12460 Magnolia Boulevard, Valley Village, CA 91607 (Thats the corner of Whitsett and Magnolia if that helps) Its the closet thing to a classic NY style pizza since I’ve been in LA.

    Now if I could just get a good deep dish pizza around here…Chicago style in crusty 50 year old baking pans I would be in heaven.

  3. Why do we have such bad pizza? Oh, right, because it isn’t (whine whine) just like what New York has or (whine whine) just like what Chicago has. I prefer neither of those pizzas to what I’ve grown up with.

    San Francisco and Los Angeles and Sacramento all have their share of legit pizza establishments – frequently run by honest-to-god Italian immigrants and most of which more closely resembles what you’d get IN Italy than those deep-dish monstrosities of Chicago or New York’s odd stuff.

    (“LA has bad pizza” frustrates me the same way “you can’t get a real burrito outside of the mission” in san francisco does. like all the real burrito making mexicans can only live in one place and once they leave it, they lose their ability to make good food. that said, i will happily defend to the death the notion that Tex-Mex is all you find outside of california and it is an offense against God and nature.)

  4. CD, if you haven’t already, you should try Caioti Pizza Cafe in Studio City, in the Tujunga Village strip south of Henry’s Tacos.

    The chef there, Ed La Dou, is the guy who invented barbecued chicken pizza for Wolfgang Puck back in the day, and his cafe specializes in both “Old World Pizza” (the sort of things you might get in Italy) and “New World Pizza”, Ed’s own California creations.

    The after-4:00 “cafe fare” is good stuff, too, if you happen to be craving something besides pizza.

    You can check out the menu at Menupix. (Don’t miss the soda selection.)

    (Oh, and they’ll do you up a NY-style thin crust, too, if that’s what you *really* want – but given the other choices on that menu, why would you?)

  5. man…good pizza is everywhere, its what you grew up with that you tend to think is great. too many got their panties all twisted on regional favorites.

  6. O.K., I haave to put a vote in for Nicky D’s on Rowena. I love Casa Bianca, but Nicky D’s wood fired pies (a la John’s in the Village) blows it away.

    Now if I could just find a multilayer slice place like North Beach Pizza or Famous Rays…

  7. Man, I wish we had a Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza around here (Downtown). Sure, it’s a chain, and often uninspired at that, but they do make some damn good pies, and fanf***intastic salads. They carry Karl Strauss beer on tap, and that’s DAMN cool. Palm Desert and Torrance are the closest, but they do make a visit to San Diego a little bit better. So far the two pizza places close to me (Rocket Pizza and Pitfire Pizza) are decent but nothing to write home about.

  8. I’m from San Pedro – land of a bazillion Italians. We got pizzas. Plenty of pizzas. I suggest y’all hit the 110 South and come explore.

  9. I don’t live anywhere near the Valley, but I’m a fan of d’Amore’s “Boston-style” pizza.

    I generally prefer thin crust, but I’m good with pizzas that aren’t NY-style as well. Except Chicago deep dish, I’ll never like that.

    Anyone ever try St. Louis-style pizza? I heard it described as “meat on a cracker”.

  10. You forgot the sweetest part of Casa Bianca for winos:


    Go up the street to the Colorado Wine Company and grab a bottle of Zinfandel and make a feast of it.

  11. Lucinda M., Pitifre is good. They have seasonal specials based on what’s available in the farmer’s market, too. Plus, beer on tap and occasional homemade sangria.

  12. used to live in eagle rock…love, love, love this place (from someone who’s lived in nyc and boston and visited chicago frequently…) i actually posted a “twenty things to do in la” list once, and casa bianca was one of 2 restaurants (a true honor b.c i like to do more than eat!) that made the list…(btw, check hours, they don’t do lunch and go EARLY for dinner)

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