Cahunega Pass murder victim i.d.’d

The bullet riddled body found in the Cahuenga Pass yesterday morning now has a name: “Akop Akopyan, 24, a Glendale man of Armenian descent,” Jill Leovy and other media reports cite. Police also mentioned that his clothing seemed to suggest a gang look.

A quick internet search of “Akop Akopyan” immediately turned up an FBI announcement from November 2005 about the arrest of another (?) Akop Akopyan, who had been extradited from Armenia to face charges of murdering a man in North Hollywood in November, 2000. He was 32 at the time of the arrest with tattoos, including one that read “My Crazy Life.”

From the FBI report:

According to detectives with the LAPD, the victim and Akopyan knew one another and had been engaged in an argument while seated in the victim’s vehicle. Akopyan reportedly exited the vehicle and shot the victim multiple times before fleeing with the driver of a Jeep Cherokee that had pulled alongside of the victim’s car, allegedly to wait for Akopyan, according to detectives.(…) Based on an investigation conducted by the FBI/LAPD Fugitive Task Force, it was determined that Akopyan had fled to Armenia almost immediately after the murder.

There’s a ten year difference in ages between the two Akops, so it appears that the fact that two Akop Akopyans of Armenian decent from the North Hollywood/Burbank area were involved in homicides (one an alleged murdered, the other the victim of a murder), may possibly be a a coincidence. Or…

A cursed name? It does appear that “Akop Akopyan” is a common Armenian name; the next most popular search result for the name brings up mentions of an Armenian MP who’s home was attacked by armed men who shot up the place but were repelled when Akop fired back.

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  1. Yes, common name, more importantly you hit it yesterday it looked like a “hit”….could well have been as the Armenian and Russian mafia have been dueling that area for a while…insurance fraud is the a specialty for those groups and there is big money to be had.

  2. Tell me something Frazgo. If insurance fraud is a specialty among the Armenian and Russian community, than maybe you can explain what the deal is with ALL of their cars that get pulled over for a ticket.My friend is a cop and says They are always marked as salvage. What is the scam I just dont get it. Please explain…

  3. They’re not eating eachothers dust, just like ever other ethnicity they have problems within eachother. NOT EVERYBODY GETS ALONG…Dont Mexicans kill mexicans? Blacks dont kill blacks.. yall just hate cuz they got the cars the clothes the house the buisness. everything everyone else wants. and 80% do it with brains not fraud.

  4. Your cop friend is probably a crook too! What do you mean another one bites the dust? How would you feel if someone you knew was doing illegal stuff who was close to you died? Would you feel the same if someone replied, “oh well, he probably deserved it.” That’s what I thought….

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