Gangland style murder in the Cahuenga Pass?

UPDATED 4:10pm: See below.

Driving home from an errand in the Valley today, I saw that my sideroute to Hollywood was closed off at Mulholland Dr. and Cahuenga Blvd., with traces of yellow (police line?) tape waving from nearby trees. A couple news trucks were on the bridge over the 101 with their cameras/satellite dishes extended. Seemed odd, but I figured it might be a bursh fire.

Then I checked out Jill Leovy’s The Homicide Report:

Hollywood: A black or Latino man was found lying face down with multiple gunshot wounds on Mulholland Drive south of Barham Boulevard early Monday morning, March 12. Detectives believe he was shot at about 5:30 a.m., but had little other information as of early Monday. The place is where Mulholland Drive curves up the hill from alongside the 101 Freeway in Cahuenga Pass.

I’d love to speculate on this, but will leave that for the commenters. Has anyone seen any other news reports with more info?

UPDATE 4:10pm: Fightin’ Mad Mary bumped into the crime scene and snapped a pic. She also points to KCAL9 coverage (includes video) that points out “a passerby saw the body and called authorities.”

LAPD Investigators are asking anyone who may have driven through the area between 4am and 5:30am to contact them at (213)972-2910.

6 thoughts on “Gangland style murder in the Cahuenga Pass?”

  1. So that’s what was going on? This is on my route to work, I saw it at about 745am. I wondered what all the activity was for, I thought maybe a car accident, someone coming down mulholland too fast.

  2. I tried to go up to Runyon Canyon today and had to turn around, but I could see a lump under a white sheet and figured it was a body. I asked the cop on the other end of the Mulholland Dr blockade and he confirmed that it was a body. I didn’t ask for details. I have a crappy photo from my camera phone on my blog with a link to the Channel 2/9 news report.

  3. The body was discovered by a passerby at 5:45 am. The cops are looking to talk to anyone who drove that stretch of Mulholland between 4am and 5:30am. They don’t know how many bullets were fired or if the body was killed elsewhere and dropped there. As of noon, the cops were making plaster casts of tire tracks left near the body.

  4. Unrelated, but there was a big accident and a body on the 105 East just past the 710 Saturday night. Anyone have any more info on it?

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