What You Say!!

Sorry this is late, it’s such a beautiful day I decided I should go outside for a walk with the dogs. Of course about 3 blocks out I realized it was a million degrees out and quickly returned home before burning to death, but just barely. On to the most active discussions from the last week – I’m actually surprised there aren’t more legends in here, as some of those definitely got people talking:

Top LA Legends #6: Nobody Walks In LA – With 24 comments already this post by eecue clearly happened upon a topic people feel pretty strongly about. You might guess the comments have a lot of “yeah, sure, but they walk more in ____” but the legend isn’t “they walk more than LA in ____” is it?

Daylight Saving Time – the phantom menace – This might be the shocker of the week. Kathleen McGivney makes a simple post about the Daylight Savings Time situation and people flip out, who knew anyone took changing a clock so seriously?

La Cucaracha ya no puede caminar in the LA Times – Cindy Mosqueda covers the issue of the yanked comic, all the way to the reinstatement.

Unusual Occurence!? – Wow, Will Campbell just made this post last night and it’s already in this top list. He’s got noisy neighbors, the LAPD doesn’t want to hear it. b.la readers have some suggestions.

TOP LA LEGENDS #2: There Really IS Earthquake Weather – The other legend to breach the top 5 comes from tammara who tackles the ever present “earthquake weather.” Most people don’t care about some stupid science, it’s REAL!!!