Fire… Bad!

Now’s a good time to sign up for Red Flag Day notifications

Two Socal wildfires are raging not very far apart, one on Orange County, the other in Riverside. So far no reports of wildfires in L.A. County, but with this dramatic heatwave, I’m very surprised the LAFD hasn’t issued a Red Flag warning.

Regardless, I think common sense would make everyone a little more careful; think thrice about tossing that cigarette butt out your window, and keep an extinguisher nearby if you’re tempted to have a barbeque.

Speaking of Red Flag Days, the LAFD has added web and phone notification of restrictions. The next time parking restrictions are put into effect, you’ll get an email, phone call, or both.

…photo of residents watching their O.C. neighborhood burn by Mike Sweeney (whybnormal at Flickr)… Metroblogging Orange County on the fires here and here

4 thoughts on “Fire… Bad!”

  1. I just drove back from Anaheim, as I was getting on the freeway at Harbor, at first I thought there were flower petals from a nearby cherry tree or something. It was ash. There was a huge plume of smoke that dimmed the sun.

    I hope everyone weathers it well in Orange County, but of course this does not bode well for the rest of the year.

  2. I don’t worry too much about wildfire in Downtown LA where my loft is… but I have a home in te mountains near Idyllwild – and that is a seriously fire-prone place. Last October we had a terrible fire about 10 miles northwest of my house that took the lives of 5 firefighters, all of whom I’d met, and the captain was someone I knew pretty well. This is shaping up to be the driest year EVER on record in Southern CA. LA has 1/3 of normal rainfall, and on the mountain we have less than 1/3 normal… and it looks like we’ll see real rain sometime in 2008 at this rate.

    People who throw cig asses out the window, especially on the mountain, run the risk of being summarily executed. (No, not by me… I don’t own a gun because I’d be too tempted to use it in that sort of circumstance). We are so fire aware since the 2003 wildfires (which burned all around us but not on our mountain) that we are hyper-vigilant about stuff like that. I think peopleeverywhere need to be the eyes and ears of the firefighters – whether in the mountains or the city. Remember, there have been some real bad fires in places one wouldn’t expect them – Baldwin Hills back in 1984 or 85, Diamond Bar, the Whittier area… these places are all terribly combustible. Right here in LA, Griffith Park and similar brushy hillside areas can be the setting for a devastating fire.

    Just because one lives in Silver Lake or Echo Park, or Palms, etc – doesn’t mean you are safe from fire. Be careful, be alert, be aware.

  3. Unfortunately, the ‘unintended’ RSS feed in question was not an official offering, as it (the RSS feed) could not reliably offer real-time status.

    Those who know me realize how much of an RSS fan I am, but without direct control and staff to oversee the quality of the feed, it was necessary bring the LAFD Red Flag site officially back ‘in-house’ and curtail the offering.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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