What’s An Antonym For Devine?

Goodness knows I’ve had my issues during the run-up to this year’s marathon last weekend. I’d complained about everything from its organizers’ lack of attention to detail to its failure to communicate in anything remotely resembling a timely fashion. Then L.A. Observed tips me to this article by Billy Witz in the Daily News today about the new marathon owner Devine Racing’s outrageously glacial prize money payment plan and boy do my aggravations pale in comparison:

Organizers of the event, Devine Racing of Chicago, which took ownership of the L.A. Marathon in 2006, admitted they simply ran out of cash to pay out all the prize money because they launched similar races in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Management of the company was in the midst of a shake-up at the time, but it is now on solid financial footing, the company insists.

That was little consolation to many of the top 2006 finishers and their agents, who waited six months to get part of their money and nearly a year to collect it all.

Sure, it was an incredulous pain when it took 26 days for L.A. Marathon HQ to send a simply email reply to a simple email question, but when I find out that some of the elite runners in 2006’s marathon had to wait practically a full year to get paid — and some are reportedly still waiting!? Well I just gotta shut the hell up and say WTF’s down with that?