We’re all saved!


[Trump is always better when he’s bigger]

Driving past the Convention Center today, I felt like I was struck nearly in the face by this giant banner – Donald Trump is here this weekend, ready to share with you his many secrets of overwhelming wealth, success and the consistent scoring of hot young babes.

Viva Trump!

Los Angeles Convention Center
Saturday/Sunday March 10-11, 2007

1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90015
Phone: (213) 741-1151
Parking: $10.00

8 thoughts on “We’re all saved!”

  1. Oh dear christ- I worked for those expos once. It was like the 7th circle of hell. Those learning annex people are awful.

    Stay away, stay far far away.

  2. Well, the only way I think “da donald” would stink more is if he were “DEAD” instead of “LIVE”. No, I don’t have anything in particular against him, and certainly don’t wish him dead – it’s just that the gianormous sign is a bit obnoxious. Who decided to put that ugly sign up there anyway? They’re fired…!

  3. The only person that will make money at that thing is Donald Trump, not the suckers who pay to get in.

  4. count me in too if its a bitch fight with rosie and the donald. Would pay 10X the admission for that one

  5. Egads. Fox News runs the ad for that event every 30 minutes.

    The only thing worse than Trump and his lips is the promise that some people from the uber-scam “The Secret” will be there.

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