Are USC Trojans racist, or just really stupid?

After a black football player jokingly called a group of his teammates “White Nation”, the white football players ran with the joke and created a Facebook group that they didn’t expect to be seen by anyone else on the internet.

“White Nation”, according to Elizabeth Gell at campus newspaper the Daily Trojan, “featured a graphic with the caption, ‘arrest black babies before they become criminals.’ ” The site also read:

“All members are athletes of Caucasion (sic) descent. DISCLAIMER: In no way are the following memebers (sic) intolerant of others, we are just doing our duty of protecting the Arian (sic) brotherhood.”

While the players, team officials, and friends all argue that this was an inside joke, they also concede that it got out of hand.

Clay Matthews, the Trojan linebacker who created the group, left after the compaints ratcheted up but didn’t realize that by doing so “he gave up his ability to delete the group; an administrator must manually remove each member to delete the group.”

The “White Nation” Facebook group is still active, but has now been taken over by a student from Oxy who says “he plans on using the group to educate people about the ignorance of racism.”

Is it too much to ask that college students be required to get a license before being allowed to access the internet?

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12 thoughts on “Are USC Trojans racist, or just really stupid?”

  1. So let me get this straight. A black football player makes a racist comment regarding his white teammates, purely in jest, they take it run with it and they are now the racists? Not everyone will get the joke, but c’mon when did everyone become so hypersensitive and lose their sense of humor?

  2. uhh…maybe people lost their senses of humor when you can feel that there is just maybe a huge difference in terms of power balance, intention, and history between a white person making a racist joke and a black person doing the same?

    but i also feel like all jokes are less funny as facebook groups.

  3. Frazgo:

    It sounds like everyone on the team got the joke, but a large number of the thousands of people, including hundreds of USC students, who stumbled across the online group, didn’t get the joke.

    You have to understand you have people of all races reading Facebook, including high school students looking at profiles of students at colleges they’re considering applying to. These people see white USC football players as members of “White Nation”.

  4. From what I gather, it was a joke, but (obviously) a very ignorant one. That is, the white guys didn’t realize how this kind of thing goes down with non-whites, even (or especially) when it’s a “joke”. Stefanie Gopaul, who set up the “anti White Nation” group on Facebook even says that thinks it was a joke, albeit one with serious consequences. The director of sports information at the school says “We talked to him about how something done without serious intent could be perceived in a negative light and he agreed; he felt badly for his poor judgment, and he quickly moved to correct it.”

    So yea, it was stupid and shouldn’t have been done in the first place. The students involved had better learn their lesson and hopefully will make good now that they know how messed up it was. But, from what I’ve read, it wasn’t done with actual malice. Unlike, say, the “Why I Hate Blacks” column by Kenneth Eng which was published by Asian Week last month.

  5. Whats the big deal? It’s a joke

    I hate this PC mindset now-a-days. We force it on anything now.

    Attention: Everything on the internet is true.

  6. Seems like the people that were in on the ‘joke’ weren’t offended.

    Why do so many other people feel the need to be offended for them?

  7. You have to remove yourself from knowing the injoke, and realize a lot of people saw that some white USC Football players had a Facebook group called “White Nation” that only allowed white players in.

  8. Well, obviously because:

    1) Some people not in on the joke were offended.

    2) Some people not in on the joke thought it was a great idea.

    Read Stefanie Gopaul’s remarks on this. She’s the freshman responsible for bringing attention to the White Nation Facebook group. She knew it was a joke and knows the guys who set it up didn’t mean anything bad about it.

    But she also knows why it’s not a good thing and why it needs to be shut down (at least as it was) asap. There’s no anger, but a genuine desire to start a meaningful discussion. She talked to the guy behind it, and he’s apologized.

    Yea, it was a joke. But it was a bad joke.

  9. That Kenneth Eng piece was a “joke” too. It just blew up in his face, because he didn’t understand reality. The guy is nutty, and Asian Week seems to like having a right-wing nutjob around to balance out the columns.

    I’m not going to try and explain how the Eng article fits in with AW or with Eng’s other articles, or about Asian racism. You’ll just have to take my word for it that the article was partly a joke, and partly serious.

    Likewise, these USC players don’t understand reality. Their joke, unfortunately, is grounded in a lot of bad history.

  10. I heartily disagree that Kenneth Eng meant his “I hate blacks” column as a joke. First, he’s written previous articles titled “Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us” and “Why I hate Asians.”

    Second, he went on Fox News to defend his racist beliefs. No joke there.

    I also think you’re mislabeling him as a right-wing nutjob – not that he’s not a nutjob, but he is not right wing. Right-wing philosophy generally includes a belief in religion, and this guy also hates any type of organized religion. Basically, he hates anything he doesn’t agree with.

    In general, this guy is nuts and Asian Week was nuts to run his column. But those USC guys? At least they’ve apologized and tried to explain themselves. They really did not understand how that Facebook group was going to be seen by people not in on the joke.

  11. “Is it too much to ask that college students be required to get a license before being allowed to access the internet?”

    This comment is nearly as overblown and in bad taste as the original joke. USC students already have their free speech cornered into the “free speech zone” on campus, but now you’re joking about limiting their expression on the internet? Give me a break.
    Comments like this really turn me off of this site. Must everyone who disagrees or makes life difficult for the poster be deemed total idiots? Yes, racists need to be confronted, but get off your pedestal.

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