Your Encounter Reservation Has Been Canceled

The Encounter restaurant at LAX has been closed because of structural difficulties. Please stand by.

I was particularly fond of this sentence from the LATimes:

Inspectors uncovered the problem after a 1,000-pound piece of white stucco fell off the underside of one of the arches and smashed into the eatery’s roof.

Uh, the loud noise made by the half ton of falling stucco didn’t somehow indicate the problem?

The photo above was provided by the generous CC license of Lasagna Boy

5 thoughts on “Your Encounter Reservation Has Been Canceled”

  1. hey, russ:
    what if nobody’s there to hear that stucco staccatto?

    i hope they fix it soon. i like this LA architectural icon.

    i remember it from childhood as being a symbol of imagined improvements and hope for the future. ((think: a) childhood – you’re at an airport! where you don’t have to climb stairs to the plane from the tarmac! – anything’s possible, ‘cos you don’t know limitations yet – beyond what mom & dad say you may or may not do, b) jet packs, successful apollo missions and the promise of flying cars by 2000, c) i later re-embraced it, thinking of it, in a doodle as what an oreo cookie might resemble architecturally, if reimagined – in the early 90’s – by phillippe stark.))

    umm, that was rather lengthy…

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