Sweatin’ Bullets (03/08/07): Blog-o-rama

This photo by Meltwater is in the Metroblogging Flickr pool, but struck me as more European than LA. Any ideas where this was shot?

Blogger smackdown: Peggy Archer has an argument with Santa Claus at Target on how to manage the checkout lines; “blogslapper” Amy Alkon posts a pic of a schoolbus driver yapping on their cel phone.

Bloggers vs. “The Man”: LAists Andy Sternberg reports that USC is fining people for putting up fliers in the campus’ designated “Free Speech Zone”; LA Frog is grilled by Santa Monica Police for, apparently, walking.

Bloggers I want to raise my kids: Amy Alkon (for this and this), and Malingering for her commentary on her pic here.

Bloggers looking for love: Everyday Goddess screeds that her next man must love movies – bonus points if he’s a farmer. Crazy Aunt Purl is afraid that after reading the thorough profiles of her four cats, guys will never ask her ona date again.

Bloggers write some good sh*t: David Rensin at Native Intelligence wonders what literally flushing money down the toilet would be like, so he does it; beFrank gets all zen about being a TV newsman; Landlord Cinnamon Thoughts finds evidence supporting her tenant’s claim that her dog at his rent check.

Blogger party! Lots of love and mutual admiration at last Tuesday’s MediaBistro/Metroblogging get together at BarLubitsch. Some coverage by attendees Ed Padgett, Natalie of The Liquid Muse, Caroline on Crack, Darleene Powells, and Joy Kennelly. (If you wrote about and I missed it, lemme know – your blog is probably missing from my RSS feed).

2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets (03/08/07): Blog-o-rama”

  1. Isn’t that the public art sculpture at a parking lot entrance just off Hollywood Blvd? I think it’s called “Dancing on Air”….giving a “shout-out” to Fred Astaire.

  2. David,

    It was great meeting you and all the other bloggers, hope you do it again sometime soon.

    Your comment about bloggers putting newspapers out of business still rings in my ears, and unfortunately, estimates in the blogosphere give us five to twenty-five years before we are history.

    All I need is another eight years before retirement.

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