Question of the Week: What movie treats are LA’s theatres missing?

What is wrong with West Coast movie theatres?

Where the hell are the Jujyfruits!? And whats up with the Red Vines instead of Twizzlers?

Why don’t theatres in the Greater Los Angeles basin serve Nathan’s Dogs, like our neighbors in the Bay Area?

What would you like to see at the concession stand the next time you go to the movies?

8 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What movie treats are LA’s theatres missing?”

  1. Oh no, not the Twizzlers vs Red Vines debate. Twiz tastes like soap, why would anyone deliberately want to eat that? I’m not a fan of sweets for snacks, I bet if the they wised up and started offering things like toasted garbanzos with chile, saladitos, doraditos (w/ chile) or just fruta covered in chile, they’d have a lot more people buying from the stands. Maybe.

  2. GAK…what is it with all that too freaking hot to eat shit anyway. Add a few items to satisfy the thrill seeking 10 year olds and smuggle in what you really want, that is the american way afterall.

  3. Oh no, this is gonna be one of those “What You Say” posts. Because, El Chavo- you’ve GOT to be kidding.
    Twizzlers are moist, chewy cherry-ester flavored deliciousness. Red Vines hurt your jaw and taste like plastic.

    So, Twizzlers and beer at the theaters, please.
    And for pete’s sake, put a cap on the number of commercials before the show. I sat through nearly 20 minutes of retarded commercials at the Mann’s Chinese last week.

  4. I noticed too that people who grow up on the East Coast like Twizzlers and us West Coasters love Red Vines. Sorry folks, if you want Twizzlers in the theater, you gotta move back home! :)

  5. To be fair, I think Twizzlers and Red Vines should co-exist at the movies peacefully. While I resisted Red Vines after movie to LA, they grew on me, especially after I realized that they taste nothing like Twizzlers. Besides shape and having a fake strawberry flavoring, they’re totally different, and I love both.

    But, I’m still hoping for more people to back me on the Jujyfruits.

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