It’s more than just a car you’re buying

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This car was lovingly created by my friend Nick, and now it can be yours. It’s a perfectly proportioned and dent-free 1962 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, and Nick has, for his own reasons, covered it entirely in burnished aluminum foil. The end result is nothing short of awesome.

Read the whole story – it’s fascinating and compelling, and lacks only you to write the final chapters.

Believe me, photos don’t do this car justice, especially in the sun.

Go, read, learn, marvel. And then buy!

3 thoughts on “It’s more than just a car you’re buying”

  1. OK…that is incredible, love art cars but this one is too cool. Is it available for oogling and ahhhhhhhing and taking pictures? I agree with Mr Markland that car is pure sex appeal!

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