File under “Tickets difficult to talk one’s way out of”


The BF shot this on a rapidly-becoming-infamous stretch of Hyperion this morning, around 11am. Yes, cruiser was legally in left-turn lane. Yes, driver of Ford Explorer is really, really wishing s/he did not get out of bed this morning.

Full Flickr set here.

7 thoughts on “File under “Tickets difficult to talk one’s way out of””

  1. From your Flickr set it seems as if neither airbag deployed… if not two vehicles meeting head-on, what the hell does it take to trigger these supposed safety systems nowadays?

  2. Will…airbags need an impact speed of about 30mph to deploy. That is used to prevent potholes from triggering your airbags and statistically at least your change of significant injury is less at that speed than that of the airbag deploying. Having done a bajillion accidents over the year speed at impact was likely around 15-20. It looks really dramatic because the damned SUV rode up over the bumper of the Crown Vic the cops were in causing a lot of soft metal damage.

  3. Oh yeah…ps whenever a cruiser is hit every cop and investigator on the city-behalf is out there nailing down every piece of evidence possible to prevent a claim made against them. That SUV driver is screwed and likely ticketed. Its the way the system works ;)

  4. I know this intersection. Why the fuck can’t people learn to turn their damn steering wheel instead of that pansy ass drifting into the lane next to them.
    This idiot didn’t even know what lane he’s supposed to be in. You’d think the double yellow would give it away.

    People of LA listen to me.


  5. First I have to agree with everyone who posted above me… the person driving the SUV is majorly screwed. Anyway, a little bit more info about that intersection. There are two left turn lanes from Rowena to Hyperion. That portion of Hyperion is pretty narrow, no extra space between the right lane and the sidewalk. I’ve seen cars make the same mistake of turning too sharp especially the ones on the inner left turn lane. I dont know if the SUV driver felt awkward making that turn because theres a car to its right side, which led them to turn too mess up their turn. The SUV probably didnt see the cop approaching the left turn lane (Hyperion heading east). Anyway, the bottom line is that the SUV driver is fucked!

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