Xmas Finally Over


I’ve been watching this Christmas decoration on a Lincoln Heights home for some time, wondering how long it would stay up. I took this pic about a week or two ago but today I noticed that the big festive NOEL sign is finally gone. The big cross is still there though, maybe for the Easter season right around the corner? This is why I love LH, some people aren’t afraid to do what they want and they could care less what you think of their decor!

6 thoughts on “Xmas Finally Over”

  1. They missed a part of the old addage “garbage in, garbage out”, once its there it never leaves

  2. My decorations are still up and will remain. We’re prepared for the upcoming holiday season!

    Seeing that the CA State Assembly is debating the spanking bill, a bill should be introduced forcing all Californians to take down their Christmas decorations by MLK, Jr. Day.

  3. Wait, why are there bars on the second-story windows but not on the first?


    LH plagued with mutant house-breaking rabbits? Sometimes I forget what a shithole LH is.

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