Offshore Report (March 7)

dolphinicon.gifA total of 472 Pacific Gray Whales have been spotted this year going south past Pt. Vicente (even one yesterday) as the northbound migration picks up with a total of 149 today (including 10 yesterday). The next few weeks we’ll be seeing lots more northbound whales, so if you wanted to get out, you have four weekends left.

dolphinicon.gifFin Whales are also still in the area with at least one spotted as close as one mile from shore at Pt. Vicente. Megapods of Common Dolphins are also back with a huge group of 5,000 seen yesterday as well. In the past seven days there have been sightings of all of the indigenous dolphins: Common, Bottlenose, Risso’s and Pacific White Sided.

dolphinicon.gifI went out on the Voyager from Redondo Beach Sportfishing last Saturday with a full boat (120 plus) and we saw Bottlenose Dolphin & three Gray Whales (heading north). The weather was stunning, warm and mild.

dolphinicon.gifI’m heading out again on the Saturday 10 AM departure of the Voyager from Redondo Sportfishing. Climb aboard for your chance to make your own offshore report. (Tickets are $17 for adults, $12 for kids.) Keep an eye on the daily census for up-to-the-minute reports of sightings.

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  1. We went out from Redondo Sportfishing on Monday and saw a pair of grays heading north. A truly amazing sight, especially when at one point, the pair swam right past the boat.

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