We Get Mail: ganster rapp

We get a lot of interesting things via our submission form. Sometimes we get great tips, other times we get useful followups to a post we’ve made, but most of all we get generic letters from PR flacks telling us what blogging.la readers would love to know about. The latter usually gets deleted on the spot. Every once and a while we get a real gem, the kind of thing that makes this whole blogging thing worthwhile, and today we got one such submission. It was titled “pilot for television” and simply said this:

how ganster rapp got started using mature celeberties in a comic settings this type of series will appeal to all who like and dis like ganster rapp…call me lets talk. 612-964-2854 tonio

Unfortunately there was no link provided where we could go look up more info on this fabo proposal, but since we’re such giving people we really didn’t want to keep something like this to ourselves. We’d rather share the wealth, because that’s just the kind of people that we are. Interested parties, talent reps, and studio heads feel free to contact tonio directly, we won’t even ask for a finders fee.

4 thoughts on “We Get Mail: ganster rapp”

  1. Damnit! We were under contract for that pilot! He must be trying to start a bidding war. Guess we’ll cut him loose and hedge our bets on a sitcom based on advertising mascots for easier product placement.

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