Spotted in Silver Lake: Jesus Tortilla

Jesus Tortilla

Saw this last night near a dumpster by Sunset & Griffith Park, around 9PM. Half of me wanted to swipe it and put it on ebay and make a bajillion dollars, but that would have required actually touching it so I just left it there.

7 thoughts on “Spotted in Silver Lake: Jesus Tortilla”

  1. I coulda sworn I read about a Jesus Tortilla Press being made and marketed, but Google failed to turn anything up other than this.

    This said, that looks like brown Krylon primer, artfully applied.

  2. holy guacamole….sell those puppies on EBay before the masses of lemmings discover they can make their own.

  3. Check out the Tortilla Heaven trailer at Apple/iTunes. I bet this is just some PR tortilla gone awry.

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