Spotted in Silver Lake: Bloody Taxi

Bloody Taxi

Yes that’s a taxi with what looks like blood smeared all over front of it. I’m going to go ahead and assume this is either a prank or a prop, partially because I’m just jadded like that and also partially because there were cops about a block away giving a guy a ticket for running a stop sign and they certainly would have seen this. Spotted this morning on Griffith Park, near Hyperion. I couldn’t bring myself to stop to get better pics because I was pretty sure there must have been a camera crew nearby waiting to pounce on the sucker who fell for it. Another image after the jump.

Bloody Taxi

7 thoughts on “Spotted in Silver Lake: Bloody Taxi”

  1. I was on the 405 on Saturday morning and struck a paint bucket. It was empty, but I imagine if it were full or red paint it could result in a mess like that. It would also result in a blog post with more expletives than people normally expect from me.

  2. The lack of damage to the vehicle itself is rather inconsistent with a hit and run too. So that pretty much leaves prop or prank victim. Any reports of kids dropping balloons full of blood from the overpasses?

  3. I’m with James in that the lack of damage to the car indicates it probably doesn’t involve hitting a person. I can attest from personal experience that even a low speed up-close-and-personal encounter between car and human will likely produce body damage (both to car and human).

    Also, the “blood” is dripping straight down, not swept back, as would probably happen if the taxi had been moving at the time it got splattered.

  4. What if the cab was used to “crush” someone, slowly, up against a building? Maybe its time to start scouring the Homicide Report for injuries consistent with a crushing!?

  5. you really should’ve stopped. is the car still there?

    i want to see you on tv talking about how you weren’t really a concerned citizen, you just wanted to blog about what would happen. c’mon! so funny!

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