New Peep Isotopes Discovered In Miracle Mile Rite Aid


Last year I saw white Peeps for the first time and was smitten with their virginal, holy whiteitude. This year, I see green Peeps (I hadn’t seen these before–are they new?), cocoa bunny Peeps, and HFS SUGAR-FREE PEEPS!!! For study purposes, I ate one sugar-free Peep. It was good, almost indistinguishable from the originals. I had a second. This one became icky very fast, a sour aftertaste expanding through my palate. Did I stop eating it? No.

Peep sample three was a cocoa bunny. This was a decided success. Yum. Note the photo below, in which said bunny has been bisected in order to see the cocoa shade of its interior mallow flesh.

Green Peeps have not yet been ingested. They may possibly be stapled to my bulletin board and left there for a year, which is a fun thing to do.


5 thoughts on “New Peep Isotopes Discovered In Miracle Mile Rite Aid”

  1. OMG my favorite sign of spring now in Cocoa? So to save me some time where did you find them? And what were you thinking sugar free…if god (feel free to substitute your personal higher power) had intended for sugar free he/she would not have given us sugar in the first place!

  2. Sugar-free Peeps? The hell? Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose?

    Curious how the green Peeps will taste and whether the food coloring will have an amusing result on your bodily output.

  3. I tried Cocoa Peeps last summer (and blogged about them in October). In 2005 Just Born released “Cocoa Cats” for Halloween which are the same thing. I wasn’t able to find them either year.

    As a little note, the Cocoa Peeps don’t get stale the same way that the regular Peeps do … I let mine sit out for MONTHS waiting for them to get hard, but they were always a little chewy.

  4. I just loooovvvvee peeps. But only in yellow. I like to bite their little heads off first. More satisfying that way.

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