Iraqi man detained at LAX – had suspicious device up his ass

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From Reuters today:

An Iraqi national wearing wires and concealing a magnet inside his rectum triggered a security scare at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday but officials said he posed no apparent threat.

The man, Fadhel al-Maliki, who lives in Atlantic City, was acting strangely, prompting security to search and probe him. A police bomb squad was also called in for a peek.

“He was secreting these items in a body cavity and that was a great concern because there were also some electric wires associated with that body cavity,” Larry Fetters, security director for the Transportation Security Administration at the airport, told reporters.

5 thoughts on “Iraqi man detained at LAX – had suspicious device up his ass”

  1. What was he thinking? Some of this crap I just roll my eyes and wonder how much lower the average intelligence can go. Daily something happens to remind me that we aren’t that far removed from chimps.

  2. He reportedly told authorities that the magnets and wires and stuff have “therapeutic” value and he simply forgot to remove them. Probably because, you know, they’re sooooo comfortable once they start working their magic.

    My favorite quote comes from Ethel McGuire, the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles office: “I believe we’re about as confused as you until we finish the investigation,”

  3. Oh, talk about autoerotic bizzarities… KNX or KFWB (whichever one I was checking traffic on this afternoon) actually stated matter of factly that this guy was “concealing a BOMB” in his “body cavity”. Hmmmm. No hype there, was there! Ridiculous. Sounds like somebody really wanted some attention… or was looking to feel his ass get yanked around whenever he walked near a steel column. Asshole (pun intended). Just another day at the airport – f**king up everyone’s morning.

  4. Surely you’d think he’d remember to take it out! Should have had a check-list. Something like this:

    Passport — Check!
    Airline ticket — Check!
    Clean socks — Check!
    Magnet out of my a** — Oh crap, I nearly forgot!

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