GloZell loves her Jay Leno

When I first moved to Los Angeles I was on a constant high because everyone I met seemed to have some kind of connection to the film/tv biz (no matter how vague or small). It was like being in a secret star struck club. To a girl fresh out of film school it was heaven. Nowadays, I’m more cynical and kind of take it all for granted. Even though I now actually make a living in the TV industry, I sometimes forget that Hollywood is a really unusual habitat, and the people who live here are even more unusual. That’s why it’s so refreshing to read GloZell’s blog. ((She got that crazy-ass, wonderful name cuz her mom’s name is Gloria and her pop is Ozell!) Glozel goes to the Jay Leno show EVERY SINGLE DAY and reports on it in her blog. The most hilarious accounts are what happens in line everyday and her opinion of the guests. She’s a fixture for sure and a great LA slice of life. Not to mention hilarious! Thanks to Fightin’ Mad Mary. for turning us on to her.

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  1. I’ve been helping Glozell with her blog, we added a few photos today! Now ya’ll can see what she looks like, and if you stop by the show make sure to find her and say hello.

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