Dedicated to pleasure is right…

Any bar with the slogan “Dedicated to pleasure” has to be good I thought as we rolled into The Backstage a few nights ago in Culver City. I couldn’t have been anymore right, the place rules! Here’s why: Pitchers of beer (Stella is $14, not bad), a fireplace, couches, really drunk locals telling stories about having to change their mom’s diapers, a rad jukebox (Oasis, Stevie Wonder, Primal Scream, The Rolling Stones, Dylan, Tom Petty, The Kinks, Iggy Pop, Television, etc), a killer Dylan “Don’t Look Back” poster next to the door to the men’s shitter, an awesome naked chick poster (photo of it after the jump), a black n’ white photo of Johnny Cash when you walk in, a pool table, a sit down Ms. Pac Man arcade game and… it’s not in Silverlake

The highlight of our trip to The Backdoor was when I overheard one lady say to her late-60’s mother, “Come on Mom hurry up and finish your beer so we can get the fuck out of here”!!!! Now that’s what I call raw dog! Oh and Tuesday nights (which is tonight!) are “regulars night”…. Which means they’ve got two dollar beers and two dollar shots! Now that’s what I call a Tuesday night!

This might as well be Top LA Legend #1 kids… Who votes “Yay!” on that one?


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6 thoughts on “Dedicated to pleasure is right…”

  1. Dude… don’t take this the wrong way because I think you rock, but calling yourself “The Dude” is sacrilege man. There is only one “The Dude” and “The Dude” just is… dude.

  2. In 1996, before the Backstage was “upscale” we used to sing karaoke on Friday nights. I worked at Sony and we were finishing a movie, working 7 days a week. For about 2 months that Friday night sing-out saved my life. That and the fireplace area or what we called “The Love Pit”. I recently was invited back but couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to spoil some beautiful memories.

  3. Love it there. Ive been in Palms for three years now and this is the BEST local dive. If youre in the neighborhood, you might try Saints and Sinners which is a close second just around the corner on Venice.

  4. Hey Will… i’m trying to talk about BEER and OASIS and PAINTING OF NAKED CHICKS WITH GUNS… don’t start getting all movie dork on me… cool?

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