What Would You Do With $355 Million?

The jackpot in the multi-state Mega Millions lottery is up to $355,000,000 for tomorrow night’s drawing. This is the largest jackpot in California’s history (though the MegaMillion also paid out $363 million to two winners in May 2000).


The odds of winning the big jackpot are 1 in 175,711,536. Because I told you about this, I get 1% of your winnings (hey, I don’t need to be greedy).

Let’s see … what would I buy if I won? I need a new laptop. I’d totally trick out my house with solar panels and get some gutters & downspouts and a cistern to hold rainwater for the coming drought.

Oh, and I’d get one of those solar Priuses that have extra battery packs.

And I’d never fly on a commercial plane again. I’d do some sort of corporate jet thing (with carbon offsets and all that rot) … there’d be plenty of room, I’d put up ads on Craigslist for the extra seats.

Ooo, I’d have to buy a cocoa plantation, too. And maybe a candy factory.

I could do what Sam Simon did … devote myself to dogs (or dolphins?). Awesomely cool story on 60 Minutes last night.

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9 thoughts on “What Would You Do With $355 Million?”

  1. why a freaking prius? I got stuck behind one of those little beasts on the angeles crest highway today and it added 20 minutes to the drive as it couldn’t make it up the hills at anything even close to the 35 mph limit. save it for putzing around town and get something that climb a hill if you leave the city. (I no I don’t drive an SUV I dispise those things more than a prius).

  2. What are you talking about SGVGoofBall? My Prius can take hills far better than my old Subaru. I’ve done the Grapevine at 70 with no problems.

    Perhaps you were just behind someone who didn’t choose to go more than 35 … sometimes it’s operator error.

  3. LOL~70 up the grapevine is no big accomplishment of my pinto did that with an automatic no less! Operator error could be the problem in the other example…if so why not pull over instead of backing up other traffic that can go the limit up the hill?

    Personally….If I was to have a money is no object lifestyle little would change, much more travel for starters, some funding for my favorite causes…after that its pretty much no worries as I could live off the interest nicely.

  4. wow, this could be my lucky week. or not. the bigger the pot, the more people play, lessening the odds. But I think I’ll play anyway. So I can buy me a couple houses, do some serious shopping, travel everywhere, throw a bunch of money at people who are solving real crises, and set up some nice boarding schools in Africa for all the adorable orphans. Then I’d make the brats I taught at Santa Monica High today go there for a semester and see how the other half lives! Then I’d commission the smartest astrophysicists in the world to build me a TARDIS. ;-P

  5. The place down the street sells a million tacos for a million dollars, I think I’d go for that. A million tacos sure does sound good right about now!

  6. Pinky maybe onto something…a tardis to fit us all and take us on some adventures across time and the universe…ya think 355 M is enough?

  7. Pinkyracer, the odds of winning the jackpot don’t change no matter how many people play. The only thing that changes, odds-wise, is it’s more likely that you’ll have to share the pot.

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