Go-Karting in LA

mariokart.jpgI, like many, in Los Angeles, love to drive fast. So, when I first moved to LA one of the very first things I set out to find was a good go-kart track. Or at least I meant to find one. It’s taken me about three years but after having my manhood called into question by a rather feisty and quite attractive young lady at the Cha Cha last week, I had little choice but to act. My exhaustive internet search found a few places but the best looking one was Pole Position Raceway. . .in Corona. Right, Corona, so that’s a ways away, but I set out yesterday, with aforementioned cute girl, to fight it out on the track. Driving to Corona took all too long (seriously, they call it the Inland EMPIRE for a reason) but after finally walking through the doors and seeing the track laid out in front of me I was pumped. Like, giddy-style pumped. Did I mention I love the racing? It took a bit of time for our racetime to come up as there were apparently a ton of folks in front of us, but after a bit of a wait and a few furious games of air hockey it was time to get down to the business of racing. The race was exhilaratingly fun but I was a little annoyed that due to the wait time I couldn’t just go back out on the track immediately. Despite that, the whole experience was the jam. I ended up leaving with two things: an overwhelming sense of elation due to my unnatural love of karting and also a little hole in my heart knowing that I’d have to drive all the way back to Corona to do it again. Of course, if there was a karting venue closer to my house I’d be a seriously broke dude. Has anyone else had sick karting experiences in LA? Maybe closer than Corona?

Oh, and I defended the shit out of my manhood but couldn’t quite crack a 26-second lap. Next time…next time…

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  1. Speed Zone is great because they have many different tracks. If you enjoy indoor carting, check out Dromo 1 in Orange. (www.dromo1.com) I’ve been in side and its pretty cool.

  2. I’ve raced at Dromo 1 before. I thought the karts there handled kinda poorly (stiff steering wheel, and acceleration starts very slow and suddenly kicks in, IMHO a little hard to control), but I’m not an experienced kart racer, and perhaps expecting them to handle more smoothly is asking too much.

    IIRC it’s cheaper than Pole Position, but I think they use gas-powered karts, so the place reeks of fumes. They do a qualifying round and then the actual race, every 15 minutes.

  3. thanks for this. I have been looking for a place to take my son and most places have a 60″ height requirement. You saved my a drive down to Miramar !

  4. Thought you might enjoy reading what Indie’s Wikipedia listing says about their beloved TK.

    “TK (Mondays-Fridays 2pm-7pm) Renagade disc jockey. Belligerent alcoholic with a criminal record for domestic abuse who once publicly admitted sexually molesting his 5 year old sister].”

    It’s not only funny, but it’s true!

  5. wait…how do you know i can’t stand that guy from this post? you’re blowing my mind!

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