Another Vote For Arcadia Rock Climbing


Last month’s trip to Joshua Tree left the Black Canary and me with a yen to climb some rocks. Where to go for the climbing n00b? A few months ago, Hexodus wrote some nice words about Arcadia Rock Climbing. After taking the first of our four-session intro class – named School of Rock, natch – I can heartily concur. We walked in with nary a clue and after only a short time, we were scampering up and down the walls like a couple of wall-scampering things.

Going back tonight, if the traffic isn’t too ridiculous, and I pray I remember how to correctly tie the knots.

3 thoughts on “Another Vote For Arcadia Rock Climbing”

  1. The Arcadia climbing gym also is a *great* place to have a kids birthday party. All the kids get to climb, they provide a room/tables/and chairs, and the gym handles the cleanup. You just need kids, presents, and cake !

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