What You Say!!

Another week of posts, and another week of lively comment threads. Here’s the most active discussions from last week:

Downtown Los Angeles from the 6th Street Bridge – eecue took an amazing photo that left readers anything but speechless.

Question of the Week: What is your favorite Los Angeles legend? – Like any town LA has it’s fair share of legends, stories you don’t fully believe but aren’t ready to write off completely. Markland wants to know which is your favorite.

And The Award For Best Capture Of Irony And/Or Futility In A News Photograph Goes To… – Will Campbell talks about the most talked about photo in LA all week. Oh the humanity.

Pixel Rust sees faux-Tornados in LA! – So, turns out tornados at LAX are an issue some people take VERY seriously. Benjamin investigates.

Google Maps… Now With Traffic – eecue on maps. and traffic. and awesomeness.