Vanalden Cave

410825966_8d3e6c1bac_m.jpgOver on BoingBoing, Mark has a post about Vanalden Cave in Encino (or maybe Tarzana). You can find the cave by traveling south on Vanalden till it dead ends and then following the trail for about a half a mile. Mark writes:

“My wife, a 2nd-generation LA native, says she remembers hearing about the “Vanalden Cave.” It’s made of soft stone, and people have carved all sorts of crazy stuff into the walls.”

He posted a flickr set of some of the carvings which are pretty interesting, but the developing comment thread is even more so. The first comment is from a self described “longtime caver and National Speleological Society member” who is not happy that attention is being brought to this and calls it vandalism. This is quickly followed up by someone who disagrees and asks “How are these really different than ancient petroglyphs in their time? How do we really know that those ancient carvings were more meaningful than these modern ones?” The hinging factor here seems to be that these are not gang tags or scribbles, but names, smiley faces, and artwork documenting some moment. Definitely an interesting conversation in the works.