Red Tailed Hawk I was getting into my car yesterday to go off whale watching, I spoted a HUGE bird in our freshly trimmed fig tree. It was obviously a hawk (but I wasn’t sure which kind) and he was intently watching a squirrel as it ran along the top of the fence. As the squirrel moved along, the hawk jumped to a different vantage in an adjoining tree.

As I got my camera the squirrel moved to some lower, thick branches in that tree and the hawk kind of lost interest. That’s when I came around to get this shot of him (or maybe a her).

Yeah, the picture would have been much cooler if he got the squirrel.

On another note, our hill in Silverlake has been invaded by crows. They’re in the trees, they’re sitting up on the railing on our deck … caw-ing their fool hearts out. Kind of annoying in the morning but they are fun to watch as they call to each other, then meet up in a tree and fly off together.

I’m easily entertained by the wildlife in my back yard. (Click on the photo for a slightly larger version … just look at those talons!)

2 thoughts on “Red Tailed Hawk”

  1. My back yard here in Canoga Park has a grove of eucalyptus in it, and every year a family of red-tails raises one or two young. It’s such a joy to just sit in the back yard, on a bench, and watch them call to one another & fly around. Being “easily entertained” by the wildlife in one’s backyard is such a blessing. I wish more people had the opportunity.

  2. You don’t need a backyard to find a pair of red-tails. I work on the edge of Boyle Heights, and there are two of these birds that perch on a corner of our building at various times during the day. Hearing their distinctive call above the noise of freeway traffic is always a treat.

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