Its Hard Out There For A Softcore Pimp

Dateline NBC investigative report on attempted extortion of Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis.

I don’t usually care to follow the exploits of Paris Hilton or the Hollywood club scene, even though its all happening in my neighborhood, but tonite’s Dateline NBC was eerily fascinating as it put some news items I’d skimmed over the past few years into an eerie perspective.

A few years ago, Joe Francis, the controversial producer/creator of Girls Gone Wild, returned home from a night at of clubbing to discover a man with a mask and a gun waiting for him. The intruder tied up Francis, looted his home, and then:

The intruder ordered Joe to lie face down on the bed. He pulled down his pants. Then he revealed he’d brought with him to Joe’s house — a video camera and a sex toy, which he posed suggestively on Joe’s posterior.

Francis: He’s holding a gun and a camera and making me say things, and telling me what to say.
“My name is Joe Francis from Boys Gone Wild….”

The intruder wanted Joe to imply he was gay.

Dateline NBC cooperated with investigative journalist (and blogger) Mark Ebner to find out what happened that night, how the police were able to catch one man involved, and how Paris Hilton played a key role.

The episode I believe reairs at 2am Monday (in case you’re reading this late Sunday night), but you can also read the edited transcript at