wanted-poster.jpgOk, what genius at Girl Scouting World HQ decided Los Angeles doesn’t get Lemon Coolers this year?

A source who shall remain nameless (I know people) informs me they are selling them in Ventura County.

I will drive to Ventura County to get my Lemon Coolers fix. I will.

But I won’t be in a good mood when I get there.

Brownies of Oxnard! Juniors of Camarillo! Cadettes of Westlake Village! ARE YOUR DOORS LOCKED?! I bet they aren’t! Ha! Hahahaha!!! Ahahahaha!!!!


Seriously, is there any place to buy those little buggers around here?


  1. When I lived in Santa Barbara, I remember the Girls Scouts up there telling me that they used a different baker than San Diego did (where I am from). I had to trek back down to San Diego and buy up a case of my favorite (which I then sold to some of my coworker, who became equally addicted).

  2. I totally agree with you – those were good cookies.

    I still buy from the selections available, but I feel kinda wrong when I do – such a racket meant to line the pockets of not-the-local-troops.

  3. This year all Girl Scout cookies are trans-fat free so you can eat them with slightly less guilt than before.

    There are two bakeries that produce Girl Scout Cookies, Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers . Both produce some of the classic cookies, including Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils and Tagalongs (a.k.a. Peanut Butter Patties), but each of the bakeries make several cookies that the other does not. Little Brownie Bakers has three original creations this year. Sugar Free Little Brownies are little chewy chocolate squares “packed with chocolate chips” that are diabetic friendly and All-Abouts are all about “Enjoying life as a true Girl Scout” and appear to have a chocolate-flavored coating on one side.

    ABC Bakers has Reduced Fat Cartwheels, which are “oatmeal rounds with a cinnamon burst in every bite” and lemon-iced shortbread Lemonades in their lineup this spring, as well as cookies with the odd name Thanks-a-Lot appear to be the same as the All-Abouts from LBB, although they have the words for “thanks” in five different languages written on them.

    (excerpted from Slashfood at

  4. I haven’t seen them for sale in VenCo, and my daugther’s selling cookies for the second time this season….Here’s more info:
    (sorry, they were delicious, but they aren’t listed….kinda makes me wonder about the ones spotted at Janns)

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