Girls arrested for stickering illegally placed campaign signs

A little over a week ago in Glendora, two 18 year old women decided to slap some stickers on political signs touting local officials. The stickers pointed out the city’s law against placing campaign signage on public property:

“This sign violates Glendora city ordinance.”

Jim Newton at the LA Times writes: “The same council members who passed the regulations appeared to be violating them.”

One of these councilmen, Gary Glifford, saw them placing the stickers on his illegally placed reelection signs, and called the police. Four cruisers responded – all of Glendora’s squad cars on duty – and arrested the teens, handcuffs and all. They were interrorgated and detained for four hours.

Defending his actions, Glifford said that the girls were “blowing the incident out of proportion.”

The remedy for such violations, he adds, is to file a complaint, not to deface property. “You still don’t have the right to vandalize,” he said. “It’s just not appropriate behavior.”

More at the Times.

9 thoughts on “Girls arrested for stickering illegally placed campaign signs”

  1. WTF….arrest the councilman in for violating the local law then bring in the ACLU to defend the girls right to free speech and protest. This message from your humanist commen sense allegiant.

  2. PS…forgive my typo hard to spell when I see someone getting screwed while another walks away scott free.

  3. Wow, if there was any justice in this world, that councilman would definitely not be reelected. Maybe it’ll end up being his own faux pas. *looking up* please?

  4. Wow. Talk about prime nominees for Horse’s Ass Awards.

    So the girls broke the law, huh? I wonder what would have happened if they had been caught–I dunno…say…removing the illegally placed signage. Wouldn’t that have been the property version of citizens’ arrest? Can you be arrested for defending the public good?

    Gary Grifford should issue a public apology, and he and the arresting officers should be forced to do community service. Asses.

  5. Ironic vandalism is still vandalism, but if they are such To-The-Letter sticklers at the Glendora Police force, why come down like a ton of bricks on the kids and then give Gary Grifford a walk?

    Half a ton of bricks apiece, I say.

    PS: Move to Glendora now: there’s clearly no crime if all four of their cruisers are free to respond to something as ridiculous as this.

  6. What communicatrix said: What asses! I would say that the young women were exercising their first amendment rights, also.

    How is putting a sign on an illegal sign illegal?

    In Long Beach, city employees are permitted to remove signs placed anywhere on the public right of way. The city prosecuter will prosecute and fine the most egregious sign-posters–and all political candidates that ran in the last election were mailed a friendly reminder letter about the illegal signage ordinance.

    Every Glendale resident should show up to the next city council meeting, and speak for three or two, or however many minutes allowed, about the hypocrisy (sp) of their elected officials.


  7. Funny – I never really thought about how similar the names “Glendora” and “Glendale” are.

    Glendora is one of many smaller cities shackled with bitter, ugly and sometimes even criminal politics. Other cities that have been in the news recently include South Gate, Cudahy, Maywood, Lynwood, Vernon (especially Vernon) and Rosemeand / Baldwin Park – where Rosemead is suing BP over some sales tax issues.

    This sort of thing seems endemic to small cities where the municipal government is so cloistered that people like council members can litterally becone kingmakers.

    That never happens in the big cities though… right… right??? Yeah, right!

    Tar and feather that councilman, let the cops go back to Winchell’s and drop the charges against the girls. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of those things will happen. There’s gonna be a feud a-happenin.

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