Chinese New Year = Cheerleaders!!!

If you’re a fan of cheerleaders, you might want to head over to Hollywood and Highland. It seems to be crawling with bus loads of them – most likely for the Chinese New Year Celebration. What you may ask, I thought the Chinese New Year started last week? Well it did. But the Oscar’s were happening so the New Year celebrations had to wait.

Go Pig!

3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year = Cheerleaders!!!”

  1. well gung ho fat choy to all my Chinese buddies…and pass me some pompons with the eggrolls.

  2. Two different events at H&H today, there was a parade for the Beijing Olympics and a cheerleading competition inside the Kodak.

    I just wanted to go to the El Cap, really! :)


  3. Hmm. There was also a bunch of cheerleaders (junior high variety) and a competition down at Disney’s California Adventure on Saturday.

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