Lunar Eclipse Saturday Night

For those of you interested in a little sky-gazing, tomorrow night (Saturday) we’ll get a treat with the moon rising partially eclipsed.


The photo here is from the October 2004 eclipse (here are better shots) and here’s my post about it.


The moon rises tomorrow at 5:53 PM and will already have left totality and umbra, but will still be in penumbra until 6:24 PM. So make sure you don’t have any big obstructions at the horizon if you want to catch a view of it. Basically the moon will look very red.

If you’re curious, take a moment tonight and see where the moon is at 6PM to gauge whether you think you’ll have a descent view. If the weather is clear (and that’s what they’re calling for), I hope to get some near-live shots up here.

Here’s everything you wanted to know about eclipses.

2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse Saturday Night”

  1. Ugh. Those times listed are for EST. Here, the sun hasn’t quite risen.

    “Unfortunately, for those living in the western United States and Canada, the eclipse will have pretty much ended by the time the Moon rises. As a consolation, however, the next total eclipse later this year (on Aug. 27) will favor these locations.”

    On the bright side, it’ll be something positive to mark the end of summer!

  2. Okay, I went out and watched it tonight and couldn’t tell that the moon was in Penumbra when it rose. It looked a bit red, but it’s also a bit hazy out so a red moon isn’t out of the ordinary.

    But cool! I’ll see if any of my photos (or The Man’s) are any good.

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