Offshore Report (March 1)

dolphinicon.gifWe’re in turnaround time for the Gray Whale migration. It looks like the whales have started heading north, though there are far fewer being sighted daily out at Pt. Vicente (only 20 northbound in the past week and 17 southbound). We may have a brief gap where whales will be rare before the bulk of the northbound migration is seen off the PV coast.

dolphinicon.gifA Humpback Whale was sighted by the ACS Census last Thursday. Feeding must be good in the Channel to bring them into the area. Fin Whales continue to show up off of Palos Verdes.

dolphinicon.gifCool article in the LA Times about a ship repo man. This guy looks like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” of the Seas – someone get him his own TV show!

dolphinicon.gifI’m going out on Saturday morning (10 AM) from Redondo Sportfishing on the Voyager. The weather looks like it’s going to be great. All aboard!

dolphinicon.gifIf you want to stay on land but still want to take in some whales, check out Whale of a Day at the Pt. Vicente Interpretive Center from 10 AM to 4 PM. Lots of activities, special displays and a presentation by John Olguin from 11 AM to noon about the history of whale watching. The Pt. Vicente Lighthouse will also be open to the public.

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3 thoughts on “Offshore Report (March 1)”

  1. I was planning on taking my son whale watching for his birthday at the end of the month (out of Ventura). What do you think are the chances of seeing some whales then?

  2. Nedra – that’s a great time to go!

    Keep an eye on this page:

    At the bottom is a graph that shows the numbers for this year (the line) and the general averages in the past (the bars). You’ll see that this year the numbers are great but they’re delayed a bit, so we’ll be seeing a lot of whales later in March (as long as they decide to hug the coast and not go on the other side of the Channel Islands). But the graph also shows that northbound whales are more likely to hug the coast.

    Have a great time, it sounds like a great gift.

  3. Cybele,
    Thanks for the encouraging news! I wasn’t sure how long the “brief gap” you referred to might be. We’re looking forward to it!

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