Midnight Club…

Reminiscent of the street-racing videogame series Midnight Club (Volume II includes Los Angeles as a playable city), I saw a race between a Chrysler 300 and Ford Mustang, on Tuesday night around midnight at the intersection of Crescent Heights and Sunset in West Hollywood.

When the traffic light hit green, the 300 (on the left) had the better start, but the Mustang (on the right) quickly closed the gap and raced past the 300 northbound on Laurel Canyon Blvd. As quickly as it started, the race ended, as both cars eventually slowed down and made a right onto Hollywood.

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This was actually the second of two (and perhaps more?) races these two cars did, as their first one started at the intersection of Crescent Heights and Fountain.

Coincidentally, just 1 1/2 hours earlier and in that same neighborhood, Paris Hilton had her latest run-in with the law after exiting the Virgin Megastore parking structure.

Crescent Heights and Sunset is also the intersection that comedian Artie Lange had mentioned falling asleep at in his car when he was high on cocaine the morning of his intervention several years ago during his stint on MADtv.

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  1. to me, it looks more like a cadillac (v series?) and a dodge. i could be wrong. other opinions?

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