Eastern Conference Champions’ Gear Stolen…


Turesday, Kevin Bronson at BuzzBands reported that Eastern Conference Champions (MySpace)’ gear was stolen on Monday night from their tour van in Hollywood:

Eastern Conference Champions finished its February residency at the Silverlake Lounge with a bang on Monday night. Then, thieves lowered the boom on the Philadelphia-area trio.

The band’s van, parked on a side street in Hollywood off La Brea, was burglarized and ECC’s gear was stolen. “Every bit of it,” front man Josh Ostrander said this morning, still in shock. “Well, they left our T-shirts.”

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Ostrander said drummer Greg Lyons had driven the van to where he was staying, with the intention of taking it to the DMV office today to get it registered in California. Thieves broke the van’s window to gain entry and made off with guitars, amps, drums — “and even a television, which was bolted down,” Ostrander said.

ECC is now squarely in a bind. They are due to perform at the South by Southwest Music Festival in a little over two weeks, followed by tours with Mew, the Films and the View in advance of the June release of ECC’s full-length debut on Suretone Records.

The band later blogged (via Brooklyn Vegan) about their predicament:

Fuck. We just played the last night of our February residency on Monday to a packed house at the Silverlake Lounge, and then all of our gear gets stolen. The van was parked overnight on Sycamore, just east of LaBrea, between 4th and 6th streets. The next morning, our buddy, the green sherrod aka ’94 Ford Econoline, was discovered with the passenger side window smashed and all the equipment gone. Everything. Guitars, Drums, Amps, Computers. Everything. The fuckers wiped us out. These pieces of shit even took the time to unscrew the useless TV and VCR out of the overhead console. And all of this happened on a quiet little neighborhood street.

The list of gear and serial numbers will be posted soon, please keep a look out on sites like craigslist or ebay for us. We really appreciate everyone’s help. On a brighter note, we’re getting ready to play SXSW and head out on the road for a solid two months with some great bands like Mew, The Films and The View. We hope to see you soon, have a few drinks together and curse the bastards that took our stuff. Thanks.


Other bands who’ve recently been victims of burglaries include the LA-based Hello Stranger (keytars), Diamond Night (van), Matt Pond (gear), Dinosaur Jr. (gear), and The Black and White Years (gear).

2 thoughts on “Eastern Conference Champions’ Gear Stolen…”

  1. This definitely sucks.

    But… anyone who leaves a van with anything of value in it parked in Hollywood shouldn’t be surprised one iota when this happens.

    Unfortunately, all too common. I have a couple musician neighbors who make a ruckus every couple nights by wheeling their gear in and out of the building… its noisy, but can’t blame them for not wanting their shit stolen.

  2. This sucks, but you’ve got to take precautions folks.

    When I was touring at this level, if there wasn’t a garage you could pull the van into and lock, there were two options: bring everything in to the living room of the house we were staying at (nice for making little “amp forts” for pseudo-privacy) or if there wasn’t room, too many stairs, etc. someone had to sleep in the van with the gear. Usually me.
    ‘Cos I’m paranoid.

    This worked out nicely: in 25+ years of playing I had one (brand new) guitar stand stolen from a dressing room–I know it was you, Pearlfishers, even tho’ you denied it later), my wallet stolen from a guitar case on stage in full view of everyone (my hat is off to you, most sneaky thief!) and lost one patch cord and one capo due to my own carelessness.

    Not bad and no total lossages here…remember “suspicion breeds confidence”.


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