16 thoughts on “Downtown Los Angeles from the 6th Street Bridge”

  1. Ahemm…impressive tool (Am a 20D whore myself), nice to see you know how to use it. I like the image, A LOT. So much of the HDR stuff being done out there doesn’t look natural, this maintains that air. Love the sky but that has been an exploration of my own of late. Thanks for the link to photomatix. Thanks as well for sharing that incredible image.

  2. Thanks and thanks. At first when I started doing HDR a little over a year ago, I went hog wild with the Strength setting and made the photos look totally surreal, but I have decided that the real reason I use HDR is not to make the photos look crazy, but to capture as much detail as possible.

  3. Ho-ly crap, Bullock. I’ve been a fan of yourn for awhile, but ho-ly crap.

    Good on you for crediting Photomatix, but that kind of capture doesn’t happen w/ manipulation alone. Just so the rest of you wannabe pikers know.

    (I love being all tough, now that I’m officially resigned!)

  4. Figured as much. Just wanted to know if Photomatix was capable of compensating for slight differences between the three caused by hand-holding. Didn’t expect it to, but it would be extremely impressive if it did.

  5. Dave, I cannot thank you enough for the link to Photomatix…cheaper than buying CS2 and it is an amazing tool. I can’t wait to get out and do some purposeful shooting to exploit it. (I blogged it and gave you credit as well on my blog).

  6. nice, nice, nice, makes me homesick…i used to live by the 4th st bridge…i miss lil tokyo; still warehouses, or are they condo-yups now? even back a year ago, i couldn’t sign a lease b.c of gent-ri-fi-cation….

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