A Course is a Course, of Course

RTEmagicC_LAMlogo.gif.gifJust a warning, the Marathon is Sunday. I you want to go somewhere on Sunday you should probably look at the new course and familiarize yourself with the fresh clusterfuck known as traversing town during the running/biking event.

The LA Times has a kooky (and I admit, I liked it) course map with sound bytes and items of note along the course.

Check out their special page.

It also show an elevation map at the same time – the course starts at 593 feet above sea level and within a mile and a half peaks out at 774 feet with a rather steep descent to about 350 within three miles. The lowest point is 157 feet around mile 12-13 (somewhere on Normandie) and then some swift 50 or so feet up and back down between miles 22 and 23 then finishing up at 298 feet above sea level downtown at the end.

Our own Will Campbell is planning to bike/walk it again this year, I’m sure he’ll have the lowdown on the up-and-down on Sunday night.

See the LA Times full story on the road closures and see the LA Marathon site for copius maps & schedules.

3 thoughts on “A Course is a Course, of Course”

  1. I want to find a good place to take pictures of this event. does anyone have any recommendations? I think somewhere downtown would be best.


  2. Steve, I think a good vantage point for photos would be on the Sixth Street Bridge. Participants will be coming back across it toward downtown from Boyle Heights.

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