Sweatin’ Bullets Bullshit: Mr. T Pities April Fools in L.A.

stayinskoolfool.jpgPhoto by Nuala29, used under Creative Commons.

CurbedLA declares Griffith Observatory the winner of their “ugliest building in Los Angeles” contest.

Mayor Sam serves up news that Mayor Villaraigosa plans to open “V’s Pacific”, a new restaurant at the future W Hotel at Hollywood and Vine.

Anonymous no more, LA City Nerd pulls back his mask to reveal his identity as none other than City Councilman Tom LaBonge!

The LA City Council passed a bill allowing MTA passes and tokens to be used as vouchers for discounted taxi fares and car rentals. MetroriderLA has details.

Joseph Mailander cashes in and announces Martini Republic will be joining the Pajama’s Media network.

Tony at LAist gets the scoop that in addition to Zuma Dogg, the next housemates on CBS’ Big Brother will include Angelyne and a “former Hollywood madame”. I’m guessing either Babydoll or Heide… any other guesses?

Clarification: technically, in spite of the time stamp, this was actually posted on April 1st…

Effective Anti-Graffiti Measures


Are you having trouble keeping the tagger kids from hitting up your trash can? Are you tired of the constant scrubbing and painting of unsightly scribbles? Well now you have another option: cover your own trash can in anti-graffiti graffiti! Not only do you claim the available tagging space, you make your anti-graffiti stance known to others, in an utterly beautiful and artistic manner. If we can only get the City to pay for this message to be painted on every single wall in LA, the graf issue would finally be solved!

My heart is broken again, I have no energy for an 8 clap

Dear Bruins,

I know y’all were the underdogs, but dammit. What happened?! I can’t believe you let this dude run you down like that. (Ok, I know it was really Brewer who pwned you, but I had to share that link.)

I’ll still wear my blue and gold on my sleeve but right now it’s all gnarly from the tears and snot and all.

This was not the way it was supposed to go down in Atlanta… stop breakin’ my heart, boys.

Let’s go all the way in ’08, ok?


Totally Legal Art Thing Tonight

So here’s something I can really post on without my conscience hammering away at me (despite the fact that I have friends in the show; here on b.LA, opposite from my actual “real” work, I’m an artist first, a writer second).
Dover’s Infusion Gallery downtown on Spring Street will play host to the latest Cannibal Flower show tonight. These things go down every month, and along with the openings at the Hive often seem to host some of the more promising groundswells of local artists. The Gallery Row artwalk and a schlep through Culver City are great ways to see the cream of the crop of both locals and international artists, and to get the flavor of what’s leading now in the art world–however, I dunno about you, but by the time their work hits these galleries, I can’t afford it (sorry, Caryn–I’m just dirt broke). Cannibal Flower shows, anything at the Hive, and also any of those hepcat Project: gallery events (recently relocated to Culver City) are good places to hone your tastes, decide what you like and don’t like, and handpick work by artists while they’re still affordable. There’s a lot of crap (as my professional mentor & spiritual guru says, “Most art sucks“), but there’s a lot of really fantastic work too. I might buy something tonight if I weren’t savin’ up my dough for a final trip snowboarding* this next week. Cannibal Flower shows are a cavalcade of DJ acts, bizarre bands (I liked the ninja band from a few shows ago), outrageous art, live painting, and peoplewatching unrivalled in Los Angeles, except possibly by Venice Beach. They’re so much more than an “art party”–it’s like an art carnival, with all the ribald insanity and off-the-hookness that implies.

Also tonight at CF is a performance by Lolita La Vey’s burlesque troupe [let me take a moment here to sigh with regret at the road not taken…sigh], who are effing awesome, and who, if you haven’t already seen ’em at El Cid, you should totally check out.

Dress totally weird and they’ll let you in as “walking art” for a discount. Address and info on the flyer at right: click to embiggen.

Blogged to the sounds of Athalia’s early ep from a few years ago; the dude has worked with Dntel (The Postal Service) and Strictly Ballroom, and is now known as The Minor Canon (myspace). They have a residency at Spaceland next month. I still have a soft spot for Athalia.

*also know as, “falling on my ass in the snow repeatedly while sliding down a mountain”

Have a taco and celebrate

tacos.jpg Mexico’s celebrating it’s newest holiday today, D√≠a del Taco (website in Spanish only) today. In Mexico City, they’ve converted the Azteca Stadium in to a giant taquer√≠a and will have a big concert to celebrate.

I found out about the holiday when I asked a cousin visiting from Mexico what she’d be doing for the weekend. She told me she’d be celebrating our aunt’s birthday and D√≠a del Taco today.

So, get a jump on celebrating Mexican holidays in April. Go to your nearest taquer√≠a and have a taco or dos or tres… If you don’t know where to find good tacos yet, visit Taco Hunt.

Photo by Alexander H.M. Cascone

Easy Rider

Taking the long surface-street way home last night in search of neighborhood signs to snap as part of L.A. City Nerd’s call to document all 48,000,000 178 of them, I was pleased to find four more of the official civic designations while heading north straight outta Hawthrone up Normandie Avenue.

On the way, I passed by Mr. Slick McCoolsky and his badass bike below making his way to wherever he was going. Despite going green with envy over his sweet steed and wishing I could look even a tenth as righteously hepcat when I’m on two wheels I managed to snap him on the drive-by and for posterity (click to biggify):


Fire Department Spokesman Takes a Day Off

Ironically, yesterday was Brian Humphrey’s day off, and according to the LA Fire Department spokesman he couldn’t have picked a better day.

A few hours after he’d arrived at an online media conference at USC, two teens playing with fireworks sparked what the LAFD labeled a “major emergency fire” in the Hollywood Hills that quickly made national news. On any normal work day, Humphrey would have been taking calls from any number of media sources. Instead, he was calmly discussing how to improve the LAFD blog he maintains with other online journalists.

Also at Friday’s conference was Andy Sternberg of LAist (pictured with Brian Humphrey at right) who set up a live internet video feed on the projector for attendees to watch during a break.

After the jump, video of Brian Humphrey giving commentary to the live video of the fire…

Apologies (and thanks) to Brian for responding to blogging.la’s media request on his day off.
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Flickr is Awesomeness

Seriously, I’m impressed. It’s amazing that so many folks not only shot pics of the fire in progress, but then speedily uploaded their shots to Flickr. And further, tagged them with FIRE. It was easy to see stuff streaming in from all over the country just by looking at the most recent uploads tagged.

Everyone’s perspective of the unfolding story really gave it, um, perspective!

From Shaker Designs From jallenholt From marcoslovescrystal From PortugePunk From PortugePunk From PortugePunk From madmojo From kthrynileen From BabyRiles From grendyll From carencey From Matthew Field From nailmaker From nailmaker From unsure shot

Okay, now I’ll stop posting flickr photos. I am not paid by flickr … I just really enjoy it sometimes.

Hollywood Sign Fire-Pix Update

I”m here in Beachwood Canyon and it’s eerie… orange sky, helicopters hovering, neighbors spraying their roofs…. the fire just peeked over the ridge but the AWESOME LAFD has doused it quickly. Luckily the wind is blowing away from the houses. I”m wondering if I actually did have to leave, what I would take.
My computer comes to mind, but much of the rest is just stuff.
[email protected]:00 pm…. things seem to be calming down. Whew!

Big fires and local news.

fiiiiire.jpgI was at a lunch meeting in Hollywood when this whole thing started going down and upon leaving my coworkers and I tuned into local radio to try to find out some details. There’s been a lot of controversy about media consolidation and it’s effect on local news coverage and today is the perfect example of why it’s such a bad thing. I couldn’t find a single shred of news on FM radio. KPCC, KCRW, they gave me squat. The best I could do was come up with two AM stations who offered breaking news from locations like “on top of a building on Wilshire” and “on my way to the fire at Venice and La Brea.” Whaaat? Come on LA news radio, you guys can do better than this. I’m finally back in my office now and KCAL has things like helicopters and “actual news.” Did anyone else experience a news blackout (dumb-out?) or was it just me who was left in the dark? C’mon radio, don’t let me down like this.