Yumerrific in Boyle Heights

Homegirl%20Flowers.JPGSwung by the Homegirl Cafe on First Street in Boyle Heights today–across from Mariachi Plaza. (What a mess! When will the construction be done?! Sheesh.) Holy crap, is that awesome food. And it’s not just tasting good, it’s doing good–it acts as a training facility for girls in the Boyle Heights area who want to get into the cheffy thang. It’s all a part of Homeboy Industries, which was started by Father Gregory J. Boyle–a Jesuit priest who also founded Jobs For A Future. They provide employment opportunities, counseling, and even free tattoo removal!

And that’s some DAMN fine mole with chicken, ladies. Mmmmmm. The fish soup is delish as well. But the absolute don’t-miss is the coffee, lightly laced with cinnamon and some other spice I can’t identify–chicory? Taste receptors indicate function Unsure. I love the beautiful tattoo-style script on the tip jar. Homegirl%20Tips.JPG

Blogged to the sounds of Sunny Day Real Estate’s “Snibe.” What a bitchen’ proggy song.

Cafe located at 1818 E. 1st Street.

Oh, and watch the parking sitch: I came out to find a fitty-dollah parking ticket on my car. Sonsabitches.

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  1. Homegirl Cafe is great – their specialty lemonades are worth the trip alone. The Mango Raspberry one was amazing. I also was intrigued by (and will have to try) the one with Spinach that looks like the LA River on a bad day!

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