Ten Years Ago: North Hollywood Shootout

Time flies, huh? Certainly the bullets did on the morning of February 28, 1997, when more than 1,100 alone were fired from the AK-47s of Larry Phillips Jr. and Emil Matasareanu after the heavily armed and armored robbers turned the area around their botched heist at the BofA on Laurel Canyon Boulevard near Vanowen Street into a war zone and one of the most violent and terrifying shootouts with police in history. It certainly was one of the bloodiest as 12 LAPD officers and two civilians were wounded, yet to this day I never ceased to be amazed that the only people to die were the robbers.


A low-res Quicktime video clip of a CNN report on the events can be viewed here; a WAV audio file of the 42-minute scanner recording of LAPD radio communication during the gun battle can be heard here. The Illustration of the area and events above was lifted from the North Hollywood Shootout Wiki page.