Sidewalk Cleaning

A few weeks ago there were these irritating sidewalk stickers advertising the movie Zodiac plastered up and down Melrose. WTF? Official advertising posted on sidewalk? Like those ads on the floors of the grocery store? I was horrified. This was crazy. I wanted it to stop. So I stopped, and took care of the problem my own way – pictures after the jump.



ps. that’s not really me.

8 thoughts on “Sidewalk Cleaning”

  1. I’m quite impressed. That’s really taking action to improve the community. Those postings on the sidewalk are illegal and should be removed. The “poster” can be fined (the person/company posting, that is), and the fine is based on how many posters are posted on public property: poles, trees, meters, sidewalks, etc. Call it in: 311!

  2. I love the letters they sent out to reviewers that look just like the “Zodiac” letters sent to newspapers years ago.

  3. There is nothing worse than Corpo-graffiti. Giving their marketing idea more attention is outweighed by the fact that you present a very easy solution for others to follow. It’s the new DIY clean-up crew!

  4. Innovative? Hardly. Too much? Definitely. And thus my initial comment about propulgating it.

  5. I too think this stuff gives street art a bad name. But it’s hardly new. Just walk down Wilshire in the Miracle Mile area and it’s all over the place. And not convenient peel off posters, but spray on stencils and things like that. Bleh.

  6. Or, you could just ignore them. And not go to the movie.

    Yes advertising is everywhere and getting more everywhere. But they reason that happens is because it works. If more people just ignored it, it would go away.

    Streisand effect.

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