Honk for Schools

I’d totally forgotten that there’s an election next week until I drove through Studio City on Ventura Boulevard today, heading home from a day of work in Sherman Oaks (no power on earth could compel me to take the 101 at 5:30 on a weekday). At the corner of Vineland (I think it was Vineland), a group of about six high school kids stood with signs that read “Tamar Galatzan for School Board” (the signs did not contain a hyperlink). They were jumping up and down, shouting and grinning, and one of them made motions for me to honk. When I did, they all cheered.

So, uh, what are we voting on, besides the school board? Any voter recommendations? I am really behind on all this stuff.

3 thoughts on “Honk for Schools”

  1. Annika,

    Thank you for reminding me to vote, my absentee ballot was hidden from view by several books.

    With so many signs on every street of San Dimas, for the candidates, you would think I could not forget to vote.

  2. All I know is that I’m voting for Bennett Kayser in the school board race for the 5th district, LAUSD. His mail ad features a picture of him with his wife and two kids, showing his daughter wearing a Ramones T-shirt. It may be shallow, but that’s enough of a platform for me. “Rock, rock, rock, rock, Rock-N-Roll High School…”

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