Whither Thee, Flor Moreno?

There was, briefly, a restaurant at Rowena and Glendale called Flor Moreno. I know it got mixed reviews on places like Chowhound, but the lady and I really liked their food and were looking forward to seeing how they settled in. Unfortunately, they seem to have closed up one night and never reopened. There’s not out of business sign or note in the window, and it looks like all of the equipment and furniture are still inside. Anybody know what happened to them?

5 thoughts on “Whither Thee, Flor Moreno?”

  1. Susan and I had been there once about a year or so ago for breakfast. It was decent. With it’s ample parking the place seemed primed to hit the jackpot, but it’s funny there was something about its design and layout that was off-putting. The exposed kitchen machinery and semi-fastfood-restaurant decor just didn’t work and I wasn’t compelled to make it a a regular stop along the lines of the Back Door Cafe or the Coffee Table.

    I’ll be bummed if it sank so quick because it did seem to hold promise.

  2. I went in there once when they first opened. It was very loud, but we ate outside. The service was marginal at best, the coffee wasn’t very good. But the food was nice. They’re a bit pricier than Coffee Table … they should have hung on until TCT was torn down, that might have given them the boost they need.

    Just for giggles, here’s what the place looked like during renovations and the fantastic old Watusi window:


  3. i had high hopes for the place, but man the food was marginal. looked like the owners put alot of effort into the place, but for little return. always sad to see a small business owner not make it, but the food just wasn’t good.

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