LA Marathon NIMBY

My wife is a runner, but I am not. She ran cross country (not literally) in High School and went to college on a track scholarship. She has been quite busy as of late with nursing school and work and hasn’t had much of a chance to get out and run as she would like. She has yet to run a marathon, but I know that is one of her unspoken goals in life.

This Sunday the LA Marathon is taking place, and due to a change in routes to allow easier access to churches for churchgoers, it is going right though my back yard. I am pretty excited that I will be able to perch atop my roof and take photos of the runners on their home stretch. Look forward to some photos of the Marathon posted up here sometime soon.

6 thoughts on “LA Marathon NIMBY”

  1. OMFG, the stupid marathon route comes off the 6th street bridge and turns right on Alameda. Great, I’m f’ing surrounded. I moved to the industrial district to get AWAY from people not have tens of thousands of you B & T types jogging by my warehouse. Guess I’ll have to stock up on food, movies and stuff to throw.

    Can’t y’all go run around in circles in the desert or something.

  2. If you happen to be up at the break of dawn, me and 15,000-plus cyclists should start passing beneath you not long after 6 a.m.

    Otherwise if all goes well I should be lurching slowly past your building on foot anytime after 1:30 p.m. If I have the strength to raise my gaze skyward I’ll look for you up there on the roof.

  3. This is your bike ride….
    PSSSSSSSS, this is your bike ride on the nails I’m throwing out on 6th street.

    This is your run…….
    SPLAT, this is your run on the tomato hitting your head.

  4. We dont need to know about your wife, just get to the point you show off. and cross country is nothing compare to a marathon or ultra running.

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