I Need Heat!

Part of the challenge of living in an old house is that things which have worked forever, suddenly go kaput. My old furnace seems to be dying and since it’s been cold lately… I don’t think I can last til Spring. I’m trying to find someone who is competent with old ducting and furnaces who can fix it. I will check out the yellow pages and google the area…. but I’ve always found that referrals work best.
Does anybody out there know of a good heating repair guy/gal? I’d be forever grateful for any suggestions!

5 thoughts on “I Need Heat!”

  1. You’re kidding, right? I lived in Century City for 6 years without a heater or air conditioner. Why do you need a heater living in the mildest climate of the contiguous U.S.?

  2. Um….send me an email I have the best handy man ever, on time and on budget with quality results. If he sounds to good to be true, he’s better, my pal who referred him to me is convinced that the mother ship will come and take him home someday. I rue the day Nick leaves us until then I intend to use him often.

  3. I kid you not. Anytime the temp dips below 49 degrees and I want me some heat! (that would be tonight)

  4. That’s true, 40’s are getting to that iffy stage, but usually that’s at night, when you’re cuddling in bed with your snugglebunny. Either you’re up too late at night, or you need a bedmate, mate.

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