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LA-Underground has been at Fiona Apple (MySpace)’s shows lately, continuing a ten-year relationship that originated from a meeting at Spaceland.

So leave it to them to beat me to the punch in mentioning that Apple is doing two shows next week, to benefit Friends of Gungi, at Largo in the Fairfax District:

Gordon “Gungi” Paterson is a legendary figure in the music industry, having been a highly respected engineer, tour and production manager. From his early days in the UK with acts such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, he was a mainstay of the 80’s touring scene with bands like Megadeth, and continued through the 2000’s with bands such as Live, System Of A Down, Tears For Fears and most recently Fiona Apple. Gungi’s easily recognizable physical stature is only overshadowed by his immense heart, personality and positive attitude. Last summer, Gungi was diagnosed with cancer – A large lump was discovered in and around the lymph nodes in his neck.

The Monday, March 3rd show teams Apple with producer Jon Brion, who worked on the original version of Extraordinary Machine that was leaked onto the Internet, while the Friday, March 9th show teams Apple “and Friends” (according to the Largo website).

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At $75.00 per person (plus $15.00 minimum for dinner and drinks, so including gratuity, it’ll total about $100.00), cover is not cheap (which would explain why table reservations were still available as of earlier today), but considering the fact that her Hurricane Katrina benefit show (which was also held at Largo) was $250.00 per person, next week’s shows are an absolute bargain.

So bottom line… seeing Apple at such a small venue, with Jon Brion (at least for Monday), and the proceeds going to charity? Priceless.

Reports on previous Apple/Brion shows at Largo here and here.

UPDATE: Table reservations are all gone, but you can still show up and hang out at the bar.

Also, yesterday, Apple sent out the following e-mail to her mailing list:

Hello, lovely people!


I’m writing to put word out that I am doing two shows at Largo on March 5th & 9th,for my wonderful friend,Gungi.

If you happened to have gone to any of my shows, this past year, and if you liked the way it sounded — that’s thanks to Gungi. He does a wonderful job, yes he does — but that is not why I love him. Gungi is one of those people that you just love, really actually LOVE, within five minutes of meeting him. As you may know, I am a girl prone to low-days. I don’t know how many times I got to soundcheck, in a grumpy nasty, teary rut, and when I saw Gungi, all nearly seven feet of him, across the empty theatre, and we waved to each other and he asked me how I was, I immediately got a jolt of life. It is nearly impossible to be in a bad mood around Gungi, even for me. — His face is a pep-talk! — His eyes are HUGS! He’s like some mystical, benevolent Giant, right out of a fairytale…. Well,I knew when I started writing this, that I wouldn’t be able to really say this right, but here’s the thing. He’s my friend. I love him. He’s helped me a lot when I have been in trouble. Now, he is in trouble, and I want to help him. To get his story, please visit www.friendsofgungi.com. If you can come to either of the shows at Largo, they should be pretty fun — Jon Brion, Dave palmer, David Garza, The Watkins (of Nickel Creek), and more… and if you don’t come, then maybe you’d like to donate 5 bucks, or something — whatever you decide, I thank you, for being there for me, for giving a damn, and for making noise and for listening.

with so much love,

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  1. Last time I was in LA I missed seeing Jon Brion because of his tendonitis. Glad to see him performing again, but I dunno when I’ll be able to catch him!

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