Gee, Mickey! You perv! just stumbled across Walt Disney Studio’s 1943 employee handbook entitled “The Ropes at Disney’s”. With rare exception, almost every page is permeated with sexist overtones. Walt was such a naughty boy!

The image at right, for example, is a genuine reminder to keep an eye on new notices posted on the bulletin boards “in your unit”.

No where in the manual is there discouragement of sexual harrassment, or dating your co-workers.  There is, however, some arguable reverse discrimination with regards to sick pay:

Women employees are entitled to ten day’s sick leave each year, but not more than five consecutive days at one time.

Male employees are entitled to five days sick leave each year, but not more than three consecutive days at one time.

The manual contains some common sense wisdom, such as “…if you put out your smoke BEFORE you fiddle with a loaded moviola; you are observing common sense rules.” And even over 60 years age, it seems Disney employees were encouraged to carpool to solve “the transportation problem”.

The whole thing can be found at the excellent Cartoon Brew site, who credit the Van Eaton Galleries for passing along the images you see here.

Additional naughtiness after the jump…

Interested in gaining entrance to the good ‘ol boys network? For admission to the “Penthouse Club” the manual steers to “check with Walt Pfeiffer. Men only! Sorry, gals….” the opposing page, an illustration accompanying the hours for the studio restaurant shoes a male patron spilling coffee on himself as he checks out a leggy waitress – his date glaring at him jealously (as shown at right).

The war time manual also indicates some rules specific to the era:

The short list for reasons to be fired includes “Any violation of the United States Espionage Act.”

“Military severance pay” is one week’s pay for employees of six months to a year, and two weeks pay for anyone who have been employed by the studio for a year or more. The manual also stresses that the studio is “vitally interested in YOUR draft status” and has an office specifically set up that is “ready, willing, and able to help you with your problems.” (by “problems”, I wonder what they mean as the nearby illustration shows an employee trying to lasso a stork carrying a baby).

And vacations are subject to change without notice through “government order” as the studio is engaged in ” war work”.

So maybe thats why almost every page features a dame in seamed stockings – it all “for the boys.”

2 thoughts on “Gee, Mickey! You perv!”

  1. So you’re saying that 60+ years ago, major corporations were completely unenlightened regarding sexual and social issues in the workplace? I am shocked, SHOCKED!!

    I hope to see a followup post on the Puritans. Did you know they were, like, total prudes?

  2. Well if it’s any consolation to the ladies the male in the first drawing has a nicely defined ass!

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