Family Grand Opening…


Pictured (above): No Age; (bottom): Becky Stark

Countering the Oscars earlier tonight was the grand opening of a store called Family (MySpace), run by three illustrators, located right next to Largo in the Fairfax District:

Next Sunday night, Feb 25th, our big party celebrating a fully stocked shop, a finished window installation, hanging Matthew Thurber art extravaganza, and the name on the glass. Two Great Bands, Booze, art and lots of books, comics, zines, records and movies to puke on at 2:00 AM.
If you don’t come to this it means we are not friends anymore.

Music was provided by DJ Them Jeans (MySpace), No Age (MySpace), and Lavender Diamond (MySpace).

Six photos and a flyer after the jump.


(Special thanks to the hipsters who proceeded to stand directly in front of me while i was photographing the shows. Your douchebaggery knows no bounds.)

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  1. There’s no way in hell I would cram myself into that crowd of sweaty hippies to watch a band, but I’ve been in that store before and it’s very awesome. Best of luck to them.

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